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Hey! I haven't seen you on here in a while. Hope everything is going ok!

But you should come back to tumblr :-D

<3 S


yeah, i’m sorry. there’s just been a lot of things going on. i haven’t had a lot of spare time :/

i’ll be back at it soon <3.


got my ass in gear today. up at 5am walking with my sister, and let me tell you, that little shit walks fast. 3.12 miles. it blows my mind that some of you guys are RUNNING 10 miles in an hour when i barely cleared 3 in roughly that time. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

on a side note, i’ve almost lost 10 pounds since i started, it’s not much, but i’m happy.

anyway back to that whole “you guys can run 10 miles in an hour and you kick my ass every day and make me want to be better” thing.


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you are beautiful.

aww, thank you so much (: <3.

i feel like;

my whole life has been turned upside down. something bad happened last night and i just know in my gut life will never be the same, and i don’t know how to cope, i don’t know what to do or say, and i don’t know how to help the person it affected the most. i just don’t know what to do. why does this stuff happen?


i’m getting ready to start an eating overhaul. like completely change the way i eat. i’m trying to make a grocery list. does anyone have any good recipes or knows which foods are best? especially for someone just starting out and who doesn’t really have a taste for veggies. helpppp?